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Abstract Background

Elsie Alexander

$1000 Pro-Life essay scholarship for high school students (Grade 12)

Elsie Alexander

$500 Pro Life work/volunteer scholarship for high school students (Grade 12)

Laura Winters Stegen

$1000 Pro-Life essay scholarship for post-secondary students

Henry Vandenberg

$500 Pro-Life work/volunteer scholarship for post-secondary students

2023 Scholarships

Every year, Lethbridge Pro-Life presents Scholarships for High School and Post-Secondary students.  Scholarships are for students in the Lethbridge and District Pro-Life Association area (north to Nanton/Vulcan; east to the Saskatchewan Border; south to the U.S. border and west to the B.C. border) who have proven leadership in encouraging respect for all human life. Click on one of the scholarships below for all the details!

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