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Welcome to Elsie's House

Elsie’s House is a compassionate response to pregnant women and new moms that find themselves in challenging life circumstances. Elsie’s House is a temporary housing program that exists to equip pregnant women and new moms that need a caring place to call home, and to be part of a program that aims to prepare clients for life on their own as a parent. Clients are able to apply anytime during pregnancy and up to the baby’s first year. How long a woman can stay at Elsie's House varies depending on the unique circumstances of each mother and whether she arrives pregnant or parenting. Length of stay will be determined upon acceptance, participation in the program, and the time frame needed for clients to reach their individual goals.

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"This house was heaven. You welcomed me when I had no help, and took care of me and my baby. God will never forget what you have done. I wouldn't be where I am today without your help"

- Client Testimony 

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